Threatened historical adornments in tenement house owned by Miron Białoszewski

Tenement house owned by Miron Białoszewski, visualization ICON Real Estate
Historical tiled stove which is a theme of one of the poems written by Białoszewski, visualization ICON Real Estate
The ICON Real Estate investor is modernizing a tenement house of Miron Białoszewski at Poznańska Street in Warsaw. The structure will be transformed into an office. However, the conducted modernization works arouse many controversies.

The issue of the tenement house was risen a one year ago. There were rumors about possible demolition of a historical tiled stove which is present in the structure. The historical stove is a theme of one of the poems written by Białoszewski. This time the investor was accused of demolition of historical adornments in the interior of the tenement house.


According to the article published by "Gazeta Wyborcza", historical decorative elements were removed without permission of the preservationist. "Gazeta" quoted control of the Metropolitan Preservationist Office which was conducted a week after permit validity for conducting works in the tenement house issued by preservationist. The control showed that in spite of no permit, the construction works are still being conducted in the building and their effect is not compliant with regulations issued by preservationist. According to "Gazeta", the investor dismounted all molding (rosettes and facades) and removed decking of wooden ceiling leaving wooden ceiling joists. In accordance with former project's regulations, bezels with wooden soffit were supposed to be renovated on the spot.  


The investor entertained the made accusations and issued an announcement in this particular case claiming that historical elements are secured and renovated in places where technical condition enables it. Part of the decorations is not original. In the case of molding mentioned in the article, later complements constitute a substantial part of it – comments Emanuel Grykin, Member of the Board of ICON Real Estate. The announcement also raises a question of a historical tiled stove. The tiled stove (so called tiled stove of Miron Białoszewski) is in a good technical condition and it will be exhibited in the neighborhood of a reception hall after the renovation. It will be available not only to the building's users but also to other people interested in the structure's history and its famous inhabitant – adds Emanuel Grykin.     


The investor also emphasizes in the announcement that he asked expert prof. Tomasz Węcławowicz for the consultancy before the commencement of works who expressed expert opinion concerning this planned investment.


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