i2 Development commercializes The Place

Bulwar Staromiejski, visualization i2 Development
Bulwar Staromiejski, visualization i2 Development
A commercialization process of the third structure realized by Wrocław i2 Development within the Bulwar Staromiejski investment – The Place – has already started.

The Place will be a two-tier brick-built building with 352 sq. m of office area located on the floor and 355 sq. m of service area located on the ground floor. It will be equipped with i.a. systems controlling energy and water consumption and solutions from the area of access control. The Place is situated in the very heart of Bulwar Staromiejski and its history dates back the XX c. when Wilhelma Jaide designed the building performing a role of a kitchen delivering meals to a nearby institution.  


The Place is supposed to be an extraordinary offer for business appreciating class and atmosphere. Historical surroundings, beautiful landscape, high quality of finishing materials, close and small solid with modern infrastructure and interiors enabling convenient arrangement of space meet expectations of demanding clients – says Marcin Misztal, Deputy Director of the Board, i2 Development. The investment will be completed in the third quarter of 2016.  


Bulwar Staromiejski is 2.5-hectare area located in the center of Wrocław. There are 14 buildings which are going to be intended for residential (19 640 sq. m) and commercial (9179 sq. m of office and service area, including 3369 sq. m located in two office and service buildings: Nowy Alexanderhaus: 2630 sq. m, B13: 739 sq. m) purposes by i2 Development. The planned commission of the investment is envisaged in about three years.  


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