PAIiIZ with new projects

The number of projects realized by the Agency was extended by seven new investments. At present, PAIiIZ owns 172 projects in its portfolio, the total value of which amounts to 3978.23 million euro. Thanks to them, 32 843 workplaces may be developed.

The biggest number of projects realized by the Agency comes from the USA – 40 investments with the value of 584.81 million euro, which may generate 5997 new workplaces. The second place is dominated by German projects (28 projects, value of 367.55 million euro, 4718 new workplaces). The leaders are also entrepreneurs from France with 12 investments with the value of 233.2 million zlotys, thanks to which 1617 workplaces may be provided. Further placing are investments with Japanese capital (10 projects) and Italian capital (9 projects).


Investors who are planning to locate their capital on the Polish market function mainly in the area of modern services for business (35 projects), in motor industry (33 projects), research and development as well as air industries (both 15 projects). The other positions are food and IT sectors (respectively 12 and 11 projects). Taking the size of planned investments into account, the leader is motor industry (686.75 million euro). From the beginning of the year, PAIiIZ has already finalized 33 projects with the value of 475.64 million euro, which will allow to provide 7099 new workplaces.   


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