GTC plans to increase portfolio

Globe Trade Center SA (GTC) set the price for K-series shares and published a prospectus concerning increase in share capital. The obtained means will be intended for purchase of assets and building of certain developer investments in the region.

GTC is going to issue 108 906 190 K-series shares with the rights issue which will be then recorded on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Polish Financial Supervision Authority confirmed the prospectus of the company, which was also published on the website of GTC. The day of rights issue of new shares was planned on 10th September this year. Price of one issued share will amount to 5.47 zlotys.


It is another important step on the way to realization of our strategy. Means obtained from increase in capital will enhance our balance sheet and they will be used for financing of further development of the company by purchasing assets, which generate incomes, realization of certain developer projects on crucial markets and searching for new investment opportunities increasing the value of our company – says Thomas Kurzmann, Chairman of the Board, GTC. Lone Star – our major shareholder – fully supports our strategy and he informed us that he is going to participate in issue of stock proportionally to his shares which guarantees success of issue – adds.   


Selection of assets, which meet investment criteria of GTC, has already been made. The company is going to invest in office and commercial properties which are characterized by growth potential. Assets taken into account are located in Poland and other capitals of countries in Central and Eastern Europe as well as Southern and Eastern Europe. Moreover, the obtained capital will be intended for realization of developer investments such as Galeria Wilanów in Warsaw, University Business Park in Łódź and second stage of the FortyOne office complex in Belgrade. The purchase of assets and realization of certain developer projects will have a positive influence on the value of portfolio of GTC and its financial performances.


GTC Group functions in the sector of commercial properties in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. From the beginning of its activity, it has been engaged in building of office and commercial properties in these regions. At present, GTC owns and manages 33 commercial structures which jointly offer ca. 613 000 sq. m of office and commercial area in Poland, Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary.  


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