ThyssenKrupp opens Shared Services Center

Olivia Business Centre
Olivia Business Centre
ThyssenKrupp opened Shared Services Center on the area of 5000 sq. m in the Olivia Six building located in the Olivia Business Center complex.

Company is continuing development of the project in the city through lease of area in the Gdańsk complex and it is planning to hire experts from the area of accountancy, finances and human resources. As a target, 700 people will find a job in a newly opened center. Highly developed SSC environment, well-educated staff and high quality of services were convincing enough to create the Global ThyssenKrupp Shared Services Center in Gdańsk – says Guido Kerkhoff, Financial Director, ThyssenKrupp. 


The investment was supported by the Invest in Pomerania initiative, especially by Pomeranian Development Agency and Gdańsk Economic Development Agency (InvestGDA). The investment of ThyssenKrupp, which decided to locate and develop its activity in our region, confirms that the Pomeranian Voivodship is an attractive place for investing. The company is systematically increasing the number of experts in order to realize new interesting projects. ThyssenKrupp may count on wide support of regional authorities and partners of the Invest in Pomerania initiative in the area of post-investment services. I am convinced that the friendly business environment and accessibility to qualified staff will enable its further development – says Mieczysław Struk, Marshall of Pomeranian Voivodship.   


We are very glad about the further development of the Global ThyssenKrupp Shared Services Center in Gdańsk. The size of the investment proves that our region may provide staff for diversified and the most demanding projects. ThyssenKrupp is a chance for work and occupational development for young people and experts from our city and region – adds Paweł Adamowicz, President of the City Gdańsk.


ThyssenKrupp will be also continuing cooperation with universities. The company is planning to launch Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) studies in German and English as well as different training courses which give the students the opportunity to participate in workshops and develop occupational competences. Our Global Shared Services Center offers a lot of interesting new work places. The center will be dynamically developing in the nearest years. We are searching for well-educated people who would like to work in the SSC structures of the international company. Our strategy is creation of a knowledge center in such areas as finances and accountancy, HR processes and management of properties. We believe that our employees who know European languages very well and are strongly oriented for a client will provide high quality of services of the concern's partnerships all over the world – adds Robert Góra, Chairman of Shares Services Center, ThyssenKrupp in Gdańsk.


ThyssonKrupp functions in many areas of the heavy industry (i.a. metallurgic, motor, shipyard). The company hires over 155 000 employees in almost 80 countries.  


Olivia Six is one of the offices which was realized within the Olivia Business Center complex. The structure is composed of 18 tiers (15 aboveground and 3 underground) and it offers over 17 000 sq. m of office area. The building is in the process of the BREEAM certification at the Excellent level.  


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