Headquarters of Kaufland Poland completed

Headquarters of Kaufland Poland
Realization of the investment related to the building of a headquarters of Kaufland Poland has already been completed. At present, the removal of employees of the company to this new central office is being continued.

The new headquarters of Kaufland Poland is located at the crossroads of Armia Krajowa Avenue and Ziębicka Street in the Wrocław Krzyki district. Both shape and location of the structure on the plot were complied with the streets by creation of their frontages and urbanistic organization of the city area. The elevation of this seven-tier office is characterized by a simple form without any stylistic treatments. It refers to the investor’s character and use of the structure – a company with a stable and established position in the commercial industry. The elevation is composed of alternately conducted window and between-tier belts. The latter were made from aluminum tapes and thanks to application of an additional division of them, the totality of the elevation was maintained in a clear and horizontal set. At first sight this set of elevation may seem banal or horizontal, and seen directly from the further perspective thanks to applied details and proper choice of coloring, however, it gains depth and multifaceted character while seen closer. The elevation becomes more explicit and does not make an impression of being flat – says Leszek Wdowiak, architect, chairman of project department, RB Group.


The building was designed in accordance with the German DIN regulations which concern building of a structure „without barriers” (with all possible facilitations for the disabled). E.g. advanced systems of steering of the building (BMS) were installed inside. The assumed width of the structure allows to maximally light the office rooms whereas flexible area enables division of „open space” rooms (currently the bigger part of the building) or standard offices.


The Kaufland chain has been present on the Polish market since 2001. It has a broad choice of groceries, industrial products and household industry, the major part of which come from regional Polish producers. RB Group has been cooperating with the Kaufland chain for a long time. The company has already worked at projects of 20 commercial and service structures and conducted supervision of 25 projects. RB Group has been present in the construction industry since 2007 (formerly as RB Projekt Pracownia Architektury Rafał Brok and from 2014 – as RB Group Sp. z o.o. LLP in result of transitions). The company specializes in services related to design, investor and quality supervision as well as investment control.


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