A good way to make Blue Monday more pleasant

The Sun on Q22
The Sun on Q22
Blue Monday, that is the most depressive day in a year, falls on each Monday of the last full week of January. How can we deal with it?

The notion of Blue Monday was coined 11 years ago by psychologist Cliff Arnall from Great Britain. The most depressive day in a year falls on Monday of the last full week of January. While choosing this date, the British psychologist used a mathematical algorithm which included meteorological, psychologist and economic factors. These are: lack of the sun light, too short days or awareness that New Year’s resolutions were not met. It is cold, we have commitments, especially after Christmas, and other charges to regulate. We need heat, positive energy and all these factors have an influence on the fact that we feel sad that day – says psychologist and expert of the project „Give the Sun” Maria Rotkiel during the talk with the news organization Newseria.


Metrological factors have an influence on both humans’ organism and psychology. In result, many people experience decline in mood in the period of autumn and winter. First and foremost, it is because of the lack of sunshine – its rays stimulate production of hormones which are responsible for a good mood. The sun also increases the process of dissolving melatonin – a hormone that enables falling asleep. Its excess in the organism during a day contributes to the fact that people become more sleepy, and they may even have depression symptoms. It is worth looking for and taking advantage of all sunny moments or other „sunny” ways for lifting your mood all that make us feel warm in spite of the fact that there is not enough sun rays outside – says Maria Rotkiel. A good way for the winter blues is also a diet rich in vitamins and microelements, or physical effort.


A project called „Give the Sun” was launched in order to help Poles to survive this difficult winter time. The sun, which shines everyday between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m., was mounted on the elevation of one of the highest offices in Warsaw – Q22.


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