Removal of Qumak and Star ITS to Olivia Business Center

Olivia Business Center
Olivia Business Center
Qumak SA and its daughter company – Star ITS – moved into Olivia Business Center. Their new headquarters is located in Olivia Four.

Qumak SA moved its office in Tricity to Olivia Business Center. While searching for a new headquarters for our department in Tricity, first and foremost we took a good location and prestige of a new place into consideration – says Bartosz Aleksiejuk, Senior Key Account Manager, Qumak SA. Olivia Business Center met our expectations and thus we decided for a change. A very important aspect in this new office was business surrounding. Thanks to proximity to big and important companies on the market, we may establish new business and realization relations – adds Aleksiejuk.


At present, Qumak is a family IT and technological company which has been present on the market for more than 30 years. The enterprise operates in the area of design and implementation of solutions from the ICT field for both private and public sectors. It is a leading integrator on the domestic IT market. The company hires over 700 employees and 80 companies among its clients are on the list of 100 biggest enterprises in the country.


Moreover, the daughter company of Qumak SA – Star ITS – has also a new office in the complex. The company operates in Intelligent Transport Systems. Star ITS provides services in the area of implementation, calibration and maintenance of steering traffic management systems. It co-realized e.g. the biggest Integrated Traffic Management System TRISTAR in Poland.


A headquarters in Olivia Business Center favors e.g. establishing new business contacts – says Tomasz Turczynowicz, Chairman of the Board, Star ITS. We decided to choose this location because we strengthen our position on the market through meaningful projects and we look brave into the future. What is most important for us are reliable partners – and we have an opportunity to cooperate with such partners in Olivia Business Center – adds Turczynowicz.


New tenants occupy the 4th floor in Olivia Four. The architectural studio Olivia Business Center was responsible for arrangement of that area.


We are very glad that Qumak and Star ITS joined the group of residents in our center – says Agnieszka Zglinicka, Chairman of the Project, Olivia Business Center. Other enterprises of the IT industry present in Olivia Business Center make that this place is becoming a crucial innovational center in Pomerania, where there is a place for both big corporations as well as small and medium companies – adds Zglinicka.


The 11-floor Olivia Four office is the fourth stage of the complex situated in Gdańsk. The building offers more than 14 700 sq. m of office space for rent. It was commissioned in March last year. The list of tenants includes such companies as Acxiom, Allianz, Alnet Systems, Competence Call Center, Epam Systems, Generali, HK Finance, LOTOS-Air BP, Moore Stephens, Omida Logistics, Playsoft, or Schibsted Tech Poland. Moreover, Olivia Four holds O4 innovation development zone, which occupies the ground floor, the first and the second floor in the building. It is dedicated  to e.g. start-ups as well as small and medium companies.


Olivia Business Center is the biggest office and business center in the region. As a target, the size of the complex will exceed 170 000 sq. m. The center is composed of five offices – Olivia Gate, Olivia Point, Olivia Tower, Olivia Four, Olivia Six, which was commissioned in May 2015. The building of the Olivia Star skyscraper started in April 2015. It will be the highest building of Olivia Business Center. Residents of the complex are both global corporations as well as Polish companies from the sector of small and medium enterprises, and start-ups. The complex will offer more than 1600 parking places and over 200 stands for bicycles as well as 5 changing-rooms with showers to its tenants.


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