Kupiec buys a new office in Tarnów

Kupiec signed a preliminary contract for purchase of a new office in Tarnów.

Kupiec is going to purchase a new office in Tarnów for more than 5 million zlotys. The structure is well-communicated with the A4 highway. It offers almost 3 000 sq. m of space, the part of which will be intended for the needs of the company. The remaining offices of this 4-tier building will be intended for sale. The company operating in the industry of transport and forwarding trade will finance the purchase of its new property thanks to a credit. 


According to the Management Board, this project will stabilize the company because it will provide it with office areas, guarantee stable and safe incomes as well as significantly enhance its prestige on the market. Such a big investment has to be built on solid ground. Therefore, the company would like to conclude long-term lease contracts with external entities, which will balance costs of financing and maintaining of the office and which should allow to both generate positive cash flows and obtain profits from this investment – says Leszek Wróblewski, Chairman of the Board of Kupiec SA.


Kupiec is recorded on the NewConnect market and it specializes in transport and forwarding trade services. The company offers international transport. It obtained the net income in the amount of 5.37 million zlotys with the net incomes from sale amounting to nearly 29.1 million zlotys. The company is also the main shareholder of BVT SA (the entity recorded on the NewConnect market). It owns assets that constitute 43.05 per cent of share in its capital share.


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