Modern economy: companies break the record

Record-breaking employment in innovative production companies (pic
Record-breaking employment in innovative production companies (pic
The number of work places in innovative production companies has substantially increased. The employment growth amounted to almost 10 per cent in the period from April to June.

The first six months of this year were very good to the labor market. The employment increased by 2.7 per cent within these six months, and by 2.9 per cent in the second quarter. The innovative enterprises of the so called modern economy sector are record-breaking in this issue. The number of new work places increased by nearly 10 per cent from April to June. According to data of ASP, enterprises of modern economy have much higher employment dynamics than the general Polish companies, which drives the whole Polish economy.


We have noticed the gigantic employment growth in the production sector of modern economy in comparison to the analogical period in the previous year. It was more than three times higher increase than the one which was recorded by GUS for the market in general. When it comes to service companies, the increase amounted to more than 2 per cent – says Magdalena Dacka, HR Business Partner of ADP Poland, during the talk with the news organization Newseria Biznes.


Companies of modern economy are enterprises which present innovative approach to their business activity: they improve it all the time, for instance, by using modern technologies or outsourcing.


ADP devised the report titled "Employment in Modern Economy Q2 2016", according to which the number of employees in innovative enterprises increased by 4.23 per cent in the first six months of the year in comparison to the same period in the previous year. The second quarter was especially advantageous because 4.52 per cent more people found job in that time. However, the record-breaking increase was recorded in the production sector. In the period from April to June, 9.21 per cent more people than in the analogical period in 2015 found job. More noticeable increase was also recorded in companies which hire more than 500 people. It amounted to 9.78 per cent. The employment growth in innovative production companies amounted to 7.94 per cent within the whole six months.


The modern economy is definitely successively extending. It is an avant-garde of business, companies investing in development, tools and production. The employment growth goes along with outsourcing of certain activities. Thanks to it, enterprises can focus on employment of specialists and experts in order to develop the basic business. Importantly, the production does not operate in a vacuum. The increase in number of day jobs grew in importance within the last six months. The orders increased, the high dynamics of GDP was recorded, the situation was stable and the foreign capital came to the country – explains Magdalena Dacka to the news organization Newseria Biznes.


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