Tétris rebrand process comes to a close

The brand Tétris by Neo Świat is replaced with the new name Tétris Poland
Tétris announced completion of rebranding during the ceremonial meeting with partners
Tétris completes rebranding process of over 225 projects of the total size amounting to ca. 140 thousand sq. m. New registered offices of Wyborowa Pernod Ricard, EY, or interiors in Złota 44 are only some of many realizations presenting development of Neo Świat from the moment of merger with Tétris.

The company announced completion of rebranding process during the ceremonial meeting with partners, which was held on 29th September this year. The brand Tétris by Neo Świat was officially replaced with the name Tétris Poland. It is much more than just a nominal change. The previous year was a very intensive developmental period for the company (increase at the level of over 35 per cent), which consisted in, for instance, quality changes such as specialization in Design & Build as well as introduction of a revolutionary approach concerning project management – that is Open Book – to the Polish market.


The world-class facility of Tétris opened the door to cooperation with great international clients, who are concentrated on Poland right now. Next to maintenance of the position of the leader in the segment of office arrangement, we aspire to development in the hotel industry as well as commercial areas – says Rajmund Węgrzynek, Managing Director of Tétris Poland.


Tétris conducts business activity in 16 countries of the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa). The Polish team is composed of 100 experts: architects, graphic designers, engineers, project supervisors, lawyers and construction experts.


The company operates in the Design & Build formula. Fit-out works can be compared to mosaics composed of hundreds of elements; from the vision of a place, through architectural design, ending with construction process – our goal is to make our clients feel comfortable and calm. We would like to ensure them that all these elements overlap perfectly – explains Paweł Brodzik, Managing Director of Tétris Poland.


Such approach is possible thanks to a method applied by Tétris on the Polish market in 2016 – that is Open Book. It consists in total transparency of costs in all aspects of running a project: informing client about costs of all materials and service in advance, setting remuneration for particular experts of Tétris as well as setting a commission for general contractor. Open Book can sound like a science fiction on the Polish market. However, we would like to convince everybody that it is absolutely feasible and that the whole market should aspire to apply such approach. Thanks to comprehensive knowledge, there are no undertones, no disappointments, no stress. The best example is completion of a new office for Stanley Black & Decker – adds Rajmund Węgrzynek.


The key realizations of the company at the turn of 2015 and 2016 are: new offices of Wyborowa Pernod Ricard, JLL, Stanley Black & Decker, EY, Aecom, BlaBlaCar, Orleans, Markant, Linklaters, apartments and recreation areas such as Cosmopolitan, Park Lane, Złota 44, as well as fit-outs of buildings: complex redevelopment of the tenement house Renaissance, new halls of Warsaw Towers and Marynarska Point 2. 



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