Ribbon cutting ceremony in K1

Ribbon cutting ceremony in Business Center K1 in Rybnik (pic portal rybnik.com)
Business Center K1 in Rybnik is officially open. It is the most modern building of such type in this city. Many guests from the world of business, culture and local government were invited to take part in the ceremony.

The red ribbon in Business Center K1 was cut by investor and owner of the building Andrzej Kłosok and President of Rybnik Piotr Kuczer. Business Center K1 is often called a new business card of Rybnik. The building was considered by inhabitants as a unique structure in the city from the very beginning of its existence (in the 1970s of the previous decade) due to innovative technical solution concerning foundations (the floating crate foundation). This building was thoroughly revitalized. Its eastern facade, which closes the perspective of Prosta and Świerklańska Streets, is perfectly visible, towering over this part of the city like in the past.


Business Center K1 offers 7482 sq. m of rentable area on 13 tiers. The construction of the office allows to create any space. There are three entrances to the building as well as circulation areas for the disabled. The building is characterized by a soft and dynamic solid extended by western part. Business Center K1 is situated in the city center of Rybnik at 3 Maja and Chwałowickiej Streets. Thus, it is located in the node of the city, where access roads from Katowice, Żory, Wodzisław Śląski and Racibórz are located. Omnitech Sp. z o.o. is responsible for commercialization of the building.


Another office similar to Business Center K1 in Rybnik is to be realized in the nearest future. The city is about to invite bids concerning the plot in front of the city hall, on which a new building of such type is to be realized soon – as we may read on the website rybnik.com.  


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