Amnesty International with a new office for Christmas

Initiative by Amnesty International, pic Amnesty International
Initiative by Amnesty International, pic Amnesty International
Amnesty International Poland removed its office to a new headquarters at Plac Lelewela 8 in the Warsaw’s Żoliborz district. Tétris was engaged in the renovation works; the company financed one third of the entire undertaking’s value.

The villa situated at Plac Lelewela needed a thorough renovation. At present, it holds the team of permanent employees and volunteers of Amnesty International in Poland.


The new working space for the office of Amnesty in Poland was a very important task for us this year. As a non-governmental organization, we often rely on help of individual people, companies and other institutions. Thanks to Tétris, we can now successfully act for the human rights – says Draginja Nadaždin, Director of Amnesty International.


We sympathize with the initiatives of Amnesty. I am pleased that we could support their activities with our small gesture. Our team was deeply engaged in the project because we respect and dearly support the global achievements of this organization – says Rajmund Węgrzynek, Managing Director of Tétris.


The removal of Amnesty International to the new office was a necessity caused by the growing number of employees and increasing needs related to development of this organization in Poland. Amnesty International in Poland is an association, that is a mass and democratic movement co-created by more than 7000 members (both male and female) as well as thousands of sympathizers. The central organs of the Association are: the Management Board, the Program Council and the Office with a headquarters in Warsaw. Amnesty International operates in local and school groups as well as in the chain of educators throughout Poland.


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