Is 2017 going to be a year of chase for employees?

Are Poles going to pick over job offers to a greater degree? According to the experts of Work Service, the companies are to chase for a decreasing number of personnel to a much higher degree in the following months. People who plan to change their jobs will definitely have an easier task.

The prospects for the Polish labor market in 2017 are following: higher pace of growth of remuneration, the registered unemployment rent below 8 per cent as well as the drain of more than 0.5 million employees due to the demographic factors. The year 2016 is said to be a record-breaking on the Polish labor market and the year 2017 is going to be much the same according to the forecasts. The experts emphasize that the candidates will be able to pick over job offers to a greater degree, whereas the companies are to struggle with recruitment difficulties.


The upcoming 2017 is to be a year of candidates and employers will have to chase for them more bitterly. We expect further falls in unemployment in the following months, which can reach the level below 8 per cent. However, the downward dynamics will be distinctively lower than in 2016, which will be primarily limited by the access to human capital. At present, more than 56 per cent of the unemployed are Poles who have not been present on the labor market for a long time, and the successful return of them to business activity requires long-term efforts  – emphasizes Maciej Witucki, Chairman of the Board of Work Service SA.


Although the prospect of decline in human resources in Poland has been known for years (according to the predictions of the Central Statistical Office in Poland, the Polish population is to decrease by more than 4 million people by the end of 2050), we can experience it more painfully in 2017. The ageing process of the population is also caused by the legislative changes concerning the pension system. According to the estimates of ZUS (Social Insurance Institution), more than 500 thousand people can disappear from the labor market due to the granted pension benefits in 2017. This process was twofold accelerated by the return to the lower retirement age. It is a great challenge for employers because it occurs in the conditions of shrinking of the personnel, the record-breaking increase in vacant posts as well as the demographic prospects envisaging decrease in the number of people in some regions of Poland by even 30 per cent – says Andrzej Kubisiak, Work Service.


The result of the smaller number of available employees on the labor market is a greater chase for candidates. At present, more than 35 per cent of the companies declare recruitment difficulties. The employers seek for different forms of incentives. According to over 59 per cent of the candidates, a great spur to change a job is a higher income. 


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