.KTW I in progress

.KTW I - elevation
The construction works on .KTW have been underway since 13 months. The progress of the first stage of one out of two offices is over 50 per cent. The official opening of .KTW I is envisaged on 1 June 2018.

The construction works on .KTW I have been conducted since June 2016. The building has already reached 46 meters as 12 out of 14 envisaged aboveground tiers had been performed. There are columns and walls on the first ten aboveground tiers as well as in the underground garage. What is more, the reinforced concrete angle braces have also been performed on levels +6 – +8.

At present, we are conducting construction works on concreting of the ceiling on the 12th floor. We use a 62.5 meter long circular pump for efficient transport of concrete on the highest tiers, which is assisted by technical pipelines distributed on the ceiling – says Wojciech Adam, Construction Manager on the behalf of STRABAG.

The installation of the elevation has been underway since May. It is composed of panels made from selective glass and prefabricated concrete, which is bordered by a metal frame. It is necessary to use machines during the installation as one single fragment weighs ca. 500 kg.

We have performed a part of the façade of KTW I so far, which is composed of 400 panels. The montage on the southern wall of the building, which is parallel to W. Roździeńskiego Avenue, is the most advanced. On this side of the elevation, the panels are mounted at a height of 1st-4th floors, whereas on the western and northern part – the panels reach the 3rd floor. We have also completed stripping of the strut used during displacement of the building’s solids – says Marian Garczarczyk, Project Director on the behalf of TDJ Estate.

What is more, the chassis of both main entrance to .KTW I and shelter have recently been performed. It is a 8.5 meter high steel construction which weighs ca. 13 tons. There will be two pairs of revolving door (carousel type) in its central place, whereas emergency exit door – on both sides. Moreover, the protection in the form of temporary roof above the corpus of .KTW II. was completed. At present, the implementation of the first stage of the central heating connection to this part of the building is currently being conducted.

The general contractor of .KTW I is the department of STRABAG in Katowice, whereas Tebodin Poland was entrusted the management and the investor supervision of .KTW I by TDJ Estate.  


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