Olivia Point is under construction

At the image: laying the foundation stone of Olivia Point
At the image: laying the foundation stone of Olivia Point
The foundation stone has been laid on the construction site of Olivia Point and Olivia Tower office buildings, the part of Olivia Business Centre office complex.

The ceremonial commencement of construction took place on 28 March.

The office buildings will be a part of bigger investment,  Olivia Business Centre office complex. The second stage of construction works have began. It is worth to highlight that the Olivia Business Centre will be the largest business and offices center in Northern Poland. The complex will deliver 120 sq m of high quality class A modern office space.

Maciej Grabski, co-author of one of the biggest Polish website, is very proud of his investment. In 2009 he won a dispute with the City of Gdańsk. As a result the entrepreneur received the plot where the complex will be located. TPS is a developer.

This investment is a form of mission for me – I want to contribute to the best management and development of this part of Gdansk, comments Maciej Grabski.

The second phase of construction assumes building a 7-storey clas AA office building with 2-storey underground garage – Olivia Point. The third phase of construction will include a 12-storey clas AA office building  with 2-storey underground garage – Olivia Tower. Parking places from different buildings will be linked to each other. Total rentable office area should ammounts accordingly to 9.600 and 14.200 sq m of modern office space.According to the plan both of office buildings will be put into use at Q4 2012.

At the direct vicinity of the complex an university campus is situated – currently the existing property has been developing. The first part of the complex, the Olivia Gate office building with over 17.000 sq m of rentable space, was completed in Q4 2011.

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