La belle époque: Interbiuro Invites You For Screening

What would you do to feel the innocence of the first love again? How much would you give to experience the most beautiful day of your life one more time? If you want to relive those wonderful moments, it may cost you a lot.

The movie star is ready to pay any price – even if it means that he has to spend his own savings and then hide this fact from his wife. If you enjoyed the romantic atmosphere of “Midnight in Paris” and charming innocence of “Amelia”, you will definitely fall in love with this perverse French comedy.

Lost in the world of new technologies, sighing for fixed-line, paper books and mustache, Victor (Daniel Auteuil, the star of French cinema), a comix drafter, unexpectedly gets a proposal of untypical time travel. The man takes it eagerly as his marriage is getting worse and worse, and his wife, Marianne (Fanny Ardant), is no longer a cute girl, with whom he fell in love in the past. He wants to relive the 70s’ when he entered the Belle Epoque bar and started smoking a cigarette at the table while waiting for a red-head, sexy and independent Marianne with a trembling heart (for the first time in a long while!). The epoch recreated on Victor’s request seems more real than modern times when everything – including human relations, work, and art – becomes virtual.

“You cannot resist this movie”, “Funny and joyful” – this is how movie critics commented “La belle époque” in Cannes and Toronto. The excellent cast (Ardant, Auteuil, Guillaume Canet), and brilliant scenario, as well as sensitivity to universal subjects such as love, evanescence, or generational differences, are the major values presented Nicolas Bedos, a director of the movie. This humorous hit of the French cinema is like an aphrodisiac which reminds us that we are living the best and the most beautiful moments in this particular moment.

The pre-premiere screening of the movie will be held on December 10, 2019, at the Warsaw Muranów cinema at 8 pm. The organizer is Interbiuro, whereas partners – Eurooptima, Tenkos and Elmax, lightning and electrical engineering. The medial patron is 

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