Airport City Gdańsk: First Office Building Is Under Construction

Airport City Gdańsk Is Under Construction
Airport City Gdańsk Is Under Construction
The building of the first office within Airport City Gdańsk started at the end of December. There will be office and service space delivered within the investment. The completion is envisaged for Q3 2021.

Airport City Gdańsk: Alpha

Airport City Gdańsk will be erected nearby the T2 passenger terminal of the Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa Airport. There will be office, service, gastronomic and hotel space delivered within the complex. The first building of Airport City Gdańsk is Alpha. Alpha will be comprised of two underground and six aboveground tiers. The leasable space will amount to 8.5 thousand sqm. There will be 197 parking spaces. The elevation of the building will be aluminum and composite lining with metal elements that refer to the airplane wings. The lightening installation will be inspired by the aircraft navigation lights.

Airport City Gdańsk Business Complex

The execution of the whole Airport City Gdańsk complex will last a dozen or so years. The investment will cost even 1 billion zlotys. The names of the office buildings are derived from the pilot’s alphabet: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Gold, and Hotel. The size of the complex will be ca. 120 thousand sqm of usable space, including 100 thousand sqm of leasable space. There will be green areas in the neighborhood of the investment as well as observation decks on the roofs of the buildings. The entire complex will be adjusted to the disabled and bicyclists. After the completion of construction works on Alpha, Bravo will be the next executed building. It will be twice as big; Bravo will deliver 16.5 sqm of usable space.


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