Browar Lubicz got a new contractor

ABM Solid has signed a contract with PORR Polska a general contractor of Browar Lubicz (an investment of Balmoral Properties). The invertor has also revealed their plans concerning Warsaw.

ABM Solid have been commisioned building works for 13.5 million PLN net by PORR Polska, the general contractor of Browar Lubicz.The aim of the contract is to build a dwelling - commercial complex in Cracow. The company is to build a rough building, deliver cranes and building materials essential to accomplish the project. The works will probably have been finished by the end of this year - ABN Solid is to finish everything by the 10th of December 2012.

It is the first contract between ABM Solid and PORR Polska. Giving ABM Solid such a prestigeous job in the heart of Cracow is an evidence of our strong position on the building market. I do hope that  high quality work of ABM will be the begining of a longer cooperation with PORR Polska - said Marek Pawlik the CEO of ABM Solid. - The group finishes their work both on environmental protection projects and the general building ones. We shall inform you about the next important contract soon - he adds.

Some old and damaged buildings are located in the old Goetz Browar, just a couple of minutes walk from the Train Station in Cracow. A new residential and commercial complex will be built there instead which will result in around 2000 sq. meters of A - class office space being delivered.

It is worth to mention that Balmoral Properties, the owner of Browar Lubicz, owns around 3 ha of land in the Warsaw city centre near Arkadia Centre,destined for investments and other properties in the capital and Swinoujscie. Pawel Wassilew, Senior Marketing&Sales Manager has told e-biurowce about their plans towards the area near Arkadia:
Balmoral Properties plans to build a building that would consist of office part and the residential part near Arkadia. First, an office part will be built delivering 40 000 sq. meters of office space - the beginig of the project has been planned for the second half of 2012. - said Pawel Wassilew.

The investor has not yet revealed the details concerning the investment.

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