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Monika Sułdecka-Karaś, Regional Director of Knight Frank.
Monika Sułdecka-Karaś, Regional Director of Knight Frank.
A seminar addressed mainly to tenants took place at Lubicz Office Centre on November 20. Topics discussed were: the office market in Krakow, managers cooperation with tenants, facility management and best ways to respond to defects in the building.

The main organizers, an advising management company in the real estate sector, Knight Frank, and a law firm Wardynski & Wspólnicy  firm, organized fourth seminar of the series of meetings for tenants and developers.Discussions with tenants are held in autumn, with developers in spring. 

The leading topics of discussion were the office market in Krakow, ways of building managers working together with tenants, the services provided by the facility management for office buildings and how to respond to defects encountered in the building. 
The meeting began with a pleasant atmosphere thanks to detailed review of the situation on the office market in Krakow by Monika Sułdecka-Karaś, Regional Director of Knight Frank.Participants learned how the office space changed due to the growth of BPO companies. Then the speaker presented the numerical data about resources for office space in various Polish cities and the relationship between supply and demand for them. The leader of the regional office market is Krakow, Wroclaw experienced strong growth in this sector, which in 2013 will already exceed the critical 500 000 sq m of office space, as much as is now in the capital of Małopolska. In response to questions asked by the participants, Monika Sułdecka-Karaś discussed the special economic zones in Krakow, then finished a presentation with the information about the vacancy and sublease of office space. 
The second panel was led by representatives of Knight Frank, Magdalena Oksańska, Associate Director and Grażyna Czerwonka, manager of the Euromarket building in Krakow.They discussed cooperation of managers and tenants who have learned about the organizational scheme between the building owner, manager and the tenant. They also learned about the work of building manager and the problems that he/she solves. A lot of interest and a lot of questions raised issue of charity and ecology, in which the managers are taking an active part.Equally interesting part of this unit was the lecture about the functionality of the help desk platform, Singu FM, which simplifies and speeds up the work and communication of all users of the building. The panel was completed with a presentation on operating costs, their components and their possible optimization. 
After the coffee break, another part of the seminar began, conducted by invited guest from the company Gegenbauer - Jacek Gola and technical head of Knight Frank Mrs. Urszula Łuszpińska. Facility Management services for office buildings were brought closer to the participants .This term has been explained from different points of view and defined as the benefit to the estate in the technical, infrastructural and economic management of the building. Speakers have explained what FM has to give the customer and what is the standard of technical services. During the presentation, it was stated that the Property Manager and Facility Manager work together properly during the entire period of building's life, and together with the property owner making decisions about investment budgets. The software used to manage the building was also accurately described. At the end of the panel, highlighted were the benefits, that customers using the services of Facility Management receive.   
The seminar was ended by Stefan Jacyno, an attorney of Wardynski & Wspólnicy.Participants listened, with great attention, the presentation on how to respond to flaws in the office building. The speaker discussed the classification of the defects and the difficulties that tenants might get into. Participants learned about their rights in this area and about the types of benefits, which may be drawn in the event of the creation or discovery of defects. 
The event, as always aroused a keen interest in current tenants. Speakers were happy to answer questions asked by the participants, not only during the presentation, but also during breaks. In the spring the main organizer, Knight Frank, announces another seminar of developer - tenant, this time, addressed to Krakow developers.

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