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The participants watched “Porwanie Europy” (Hijacking Europe) directed by Jadwiga Kocur
The members of Construction Marketing Group met at a movie show “Porwanie Europy” (Hijacking Europe) and during a charity event.

On August 28, Construction Marketing Group (CMG), a group of experts on marketing and communication within construction and property branch, met during a vanguard movie show about the architecture of Warsaw in the interwar period. The event took place in Business Garden building owned by the sponsor of the meeting – SwedeCenter company. The members also took part in a charity event for 8-years old Olga Kostka.

The fourth CMG meeting was different than the previous ones which were devoted to trainings and workshops. This time architecture, history, art, and human being itself were the main inspiration. Our aim was to go beyond marketing and remind the meeting participants and us that all action both in terms of business and art is originated by human beings and they are most important. I think that the charity event to treat little Olga was a good proof of that. I am happy that the meeting participants showed so much love and generosity – says Katarzyna Chwalbińska-Kusek, Business Development & Marketing Manager CE at Buro Happold and the founder of CMG.

The event started with presenting the medical history of the girl who suffers from retinoblastoma - a rare eye cancer. It means a long and expensive therapy. Later on the guests were invited to watch “Porwanie Europy” (Hijacking Europe) by the director – Jadwiga Kocur who also spoke about the editing techniques, the message and the main contents.

The film is about the architecture and the historic context of Warszawa and about the process of shaping the new live style and the new men. The picture includes scientist opinions by Andrzej Olszewski, Marta Leśniakowska and Jarosław Trybuś, and music composed by Zbigniew Wegehaupt.

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