Social Media as the future of B2B communication?

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On 3rd April, the workshops were held that concerned social media in construction industry
The workshops were free of charge for the members of Construction Marketing Group
On 3rd April, the workshops concerning the role social media in construction industry took place in Warsaw. They were organized by Construction Marketing Group.

The workshops organized by Construction Marketing Group (CMG) were one of the enterprises of this company. They included, e. g. developing and spreading marketing practices and knowledge in the sector of commercial properties. The meeting on 3 April concerned the issue of social media.

The event was hosted by the experts and trainees of social media. They shared their experience and knowledge concerning the use of social media in Business To Business and Business To Consumer communication.

Radosław Górecki, the representative of a trade magazine Euriobuild CEE, raised the question on “Social Media as the future of B2B communication?”. In his speech, he touched upon the subject matter of B2B communication via social media channels. In his opinion, the branch uses social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Lidekin to a little extent. Additionally, marketing and PR departments cannot fit their issues with Twitter and Facebook's specifics. He emphasized that the journalists would notice only inspirational or even controversial posts. Properties industry, however, treats social media as a kind of mail, which is used for providing information about new transaction, or market report. Such a situation is to be blamed for the journalists' disinterest in particular posts. However, Radosław Górecki stressed the role of face-to-face meetings and business conferences.

Another person who was talking to the participants was Michał Siejak, the representative of NuOrder company, which deals with marketing campaigns, also via social media. He presented the technical aspects connected with this type of communication with clients and business partners. He stated that social networks can be extremely useful in the communication with sub contractors or clients.

Taking into account the expert, but usually non-life style, characteristics of construction industry, we strongly discourage the most firms to join Social Media, such as Fan Page on Facebook. Such solutions generate great costs and very low benefits from a investment. However, the social media area that may be interesting for many brands are Internet forums, where we can find plenty of clients searching for advices and authentication of their buying decisions. Those clients can be all the time monitored and localized by us and then we can openly communicate with them, which directly influences the sales. - Michał Siejak noticed.

The workshops were hosted in a open, inspirational form that encouraged to a further discussion. It was free of charge for the members of CMG and new members can joint it through recommendation.


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