ECO Exceptional meeting the construction industry is behind us

Participants of the meeting Laboratory for Energy Efficiency
On 10-12 June in Warsaw gathered representatives of the construction industry and the government sector, who participated in the Laboratory for Energy Efficiency.

Poland can save approx. 65 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year by 2030, According to a report Renovation of buildings, developed by the partners meeting of the Laboratory for Energy Efficiency. This amount, equal to the emissions of more than a dozen medium-sized coal-fired power plants, clearly shows how important are the discussions on green building.


An ideal place to take consideration of the subject, was a workshop "EEB Laboratory" (Laboratory for Energy Efficiency in Buildings), and organized by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and the members and partners of the initiative Energy Efficiency in Buildings. The meeting was unprecedented: for the first time gathered while the construction market and government representatives to analyze the barriers to improving the energy efficiency of buildings in Poland.


The aim of the Energy Efficiency in Buildings is to present an action plan designed to transform the market, together with a clear definition of stakeholder engagement. Organizing such an initiative on the local 8-10 construction markets around the world, will be the driving force behind the WBCSD and indicate good practices that will be used and reproduced by the other organizations around the world - said Olivier Chaudet with Lafarge.


During the Warsaw event was able to define the conditions for successful investing in sustainable construction in the context of all stakeholders. The success of the meeting was the fact that competing companies have recognized the potential for cooperation in this area.


According to experts gathered on 10-12 June in Warsaw, Poland, it is necessary to create a platform for dialogue between the public and private sectors. WBCSD and its partners have expressed willingness to help in the creation of industry coalition that could lead to increased market transparency and enhance mutual trust.


Earlier editions of the Laboratory for Energy Efficiency in Construction took place in San Francisco and Shanghai. The next meeting will be held on the developing and emerging markets around the world.


The event is supported by partners Construction Marketing Group (CMG), is active in the sector of sustainable construction. Decided to support the Laboratory for Energy Efficiency in the Polish market and thus contribute to the integration of the industry in discussions on such an important topic as energy efficiency and related additional advantages buildings - said Katarzyna Chwalbińska-Kusek, founder of Construction Marketing Group, Buro Happold. Buro Happold, in cooperation with Philips, Skanska, Colliers International and the PRC, is currently developing a business case for sustainable construction impact on the health and productivity of the employees. In contrast, SPIE Poland, Skanska, Savills and DTZ involved in the analysis of operating costs and long-term saving green buildings use.


Buildings account for 40 percent of consumption of energy in the European Union. We are responsible for seeking solutions that will reduce this number - summed Catherine unreliable, President of Skanska Property Poland.

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