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City conference guests. Vision. public space
In early July, a conference city. Vision. Public space, organized by Eurobuild Conferences.

Huge investments multifunctional land use plans, sustainable workspace, investments localized at the rivers, closed the estate ... these and many other issues addressed conference participants, which took place on 2nd July at the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw. Organizer, Eurobuild Conferences, invited representatives of participating in the creation and management of public space in Poland, encouraging them to joint discussion. The meet was attended by representatives from both the private and public sector representatives of cities and municipalities, architects, urban planners, development companies, lawyers, and consultants.


Conference Town. Vision. Public space began with a panel on "Big and urban", during which touched on a large multi-purpose investments and their role in the creation of public spaces. The discussion, moderated by Anna Bartoszewicz-Wnuk, Head of Research and Consulting with JLL, raised a lot of emotions and conflicting opinions, both among the panelists and audience. In an interview does not omit the importance of local development plans, and the role of the city in developing a coherent vision of architectural and urban Warsaw.


The second panel, entitled "Latte versus Desk", concerned sustainable construction and optimized workspace. The discussion was moderated by Jonathan Steer, Director of Building Consultancy at CBRE Poland, which began the panel a short presentation introducing the topic. After the panel, conference guests were invited to a coffee break.


Panelists participating in further discussions took on a growing interest in very high investments river. Discuss their advantages and disadvantages, as well as presented, to which citizens can rely on the benefits of cities where such projects are developed. The moderator of the panel "Runs Vistula, runs, and long runs ..." was Dr. Dominic Muszyńska-Jeleszyńska, Assistant Professor in the Department of Waterways Regeneration at the University of Casimir the Great.


On the penultimate panel of guests allowed themselves on a journey into the realm of dreams. Panelists’ statement attempted to urban and architectural vision with real financial possibilities. The conversation led Martha Żakowska, Editor-in-Chief of the City Magazine.


Conference ended with a discussion, "Come to the fence well, as I walk up", and moderated by Journalist Eurobuild CEE, Thomas Szpyt. Panelists looked into the subject of gated communities, wondering why residents want to fence their place of residence and whether this trend can be reversed, and the impact on the formation of public spaces would open settlements. Upon completion of these considerations, event participants went to lunch together.

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