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Małgorzata Walczak-Gomuła, chairman of the board in ASM
Opening speech was given by Piotr Styczeń (Undersecretary of State in Ministry of Transport and Construction in the past)
Effective sales of products and services in commercial trade requires a constant monitoring and complex approach to production and distribution process.

On 28th October in Warsaw Sound Garden Hotel took place Construction Market Monitoring 2014 conference organized by ASM under the Honorary Sponsorship of Ministry of Economy.

The conference was inaugurated by speech of Małgorzata Walczak-Gomuła (chairman of the board in ASM) and opening speech given by Piotr Styczeń, who has recently performed a function of Undersecretary of State in Ministry of Transport and Construction. The expert emphasized the meaning of optimization and computerization in construction.

Analyses and prognoses

During this year’s conference, proceedings took place in three sessions – analytic and prognostic, panel and marketing. The first of them concerned actual state of construction sector in Poland and prognoses. Beata Tomczak (Main Market Analyst in ASM) presented economic situation of the country including macroeconomic and labor markets as well as economic situation in construction and prognoses of its development in the following year.

Another speaker was Joanna Florczak-Czujwid (Senior Project Manager in ASM) with presentation titled “Results of residential and non-residential construction and perspectives of their development”. The scale of residential and non-residential construction was presented in the context of the most important activity rates on the market – the amount of commissioned buildings, given building permits and number of started constructions. Moreover, the projection of a future building’s potential was presented.

Marta Łuszczyńska (Project Manager in ASM) has been talking about main assumptions of a new financing perspective in respect of railway and road transport as well as energetics. Beata Tomczak, in turn, concentrated on the subject of data identification which is essential to a constant monitoring of construction market. Małgorzata Walczak-Gomuła and Dariusz Muślewski (Director of International Budma Construction Fairs) raised a point of quality customer care standards and effective distribution in the context of Distributor Day which will take place on 10th March 2015 during Budma fairs. The first session of the conference was ended with the presentation prepared by Marcin Błędowski legal advisor titled “Review of changes in Polish civil law related to responsibility for quality of commodities and services. Implementation of 2011/83/UE EU directive from 25.10.2011 and its effects on construction market”.

Discussion about UE regulations

In organized discussion board, moderated by Przemysław Dana, took part: Urszula Maliszewska (Commercial Director, Austrotherm), Janusz Komurkiewcz (chairman of the board, Fakro), Jacek Michalak (vice-chairman of the board for development, Atlas), Henryk Kwapisz (Public Affairs Manager, Saint-Gobain Construction Products Poland Sp. z o.o. / Isover), Piotr Dauksza (chairman of the board, H+H Poland) and Patryk Fiks (lawyer, OBLIGO Sieczkowski i Spółka Sp.k.). The experts raised a subject of EU regulations and requirements related to ecology, taking issues of costs, companies and special realization into consideration.

Marketing session

Marketing session began with the speech of Marta Łuszczyńska who focused on modernization in her speech titled “Brand, image, quality of service – that is what statistically Kowalski takes into account while planning a renovation”. The last lecture on the conference was given by Joanna Florczak-Czujwid and Michał Modliński (Director for business development, BTI Consulting) titled “Researches in natural environment are the best way to maximize achievements in sales”. They concentrated on the issue of Mystery Shopping which is supposed to support building of a positive company’s image by delivering reliable information about the level of provided services.

The added value of the conference, on which appeared i.a. representatives of construction companies, investment partnerships, science institutions and companies dealing in marketing and media, was the possibility to exchange experience and establish business contacts.

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