Kraków is a business city

2011 confirmed the leading position of the capital of Lesser Poland, Kraków, among the biggest Polish cities. Kraków, just like in the previous years, did not match, in terms of size and dynamics of development, only Warsaw.

The research conducted by the team in the first quarter of the current year concerned both preferences of tenants of office buildings, their demands and expectetions, and the possibility of their fulfilment by investors who build modern office buildings.

The turbulences in the global economy markets in 2011 did not have a very significant impact on the Polish office market, which seemed not to notice any problems of economies of the countries affected by the crisis. Kraków, as not only the cultural centre, but also as the business centre of the international character, confirmed its substantial significance in outsourcing services. Highly qualified staff as well as the development of infrastructure in 2011 contributed to Kraków's big potential to run business in the scope of international companies from the BPO, ITO and R&D sectors.

The analysis conducted by   shows that in 2011, the record number of office spaces was rented, over 70 thous. sq.m., which caused the significant decrese of the vacancy rate, to the level of 13 per cent. The authors of the report, "Office Buildings in Kraków - the summary of 2011" ("Biurowce w Krakowie - podsumowanie roku 2011") claim that last year, the renting rates fluctuated about the level of 13 euro/sq.m.

As the prognoses show, 2012 seems to be a perion of stability for the Kraków office market. Optimists predict the increase of modern office area and constant big interest of international corporations which influence on the big demand in the market. However, Monika Franaszek, Senior Leasing Manager in the Buma Group, claims that the  supply will not achieve as high a level as last year and predicts that in 2012, the demand will remain at the similar level to that of 2011.

We reccomend you to familiarize yourself with the whole of the report.


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