Długosza Business Park fills up

Długosza Business Park in Wrocław, photograph by dlugosza60.pl
Długosza Business Park in Wrocław, photograph by dlugosza60.pl
The last few months of 2013 are distinguished by new lease transactions of office space in the Commercial Centre Długosza Business Park in Wrocław.

Commercial Centre Długosza Business Park was put into use in January 2013. It is located on Długosza 60 Street in north-eastern part of Wrocław. In 2010, the first stage of the investment was complete - the construction of warehouse and office building, which offered 720 sq. m. In 2013, the second stage, which consists of three-storey office building with underground car park, was constructed. It has about 4 800 sq. m of usable area. The investor of the building is Triada-Dom Wachowiak Śliwiak sp. j.


In the last months of 2013, the brokerage house IK Development acted as an agent in the lease transaction of 40% of office space in Długosza Business Park. The following companies are the tenants of the building: Polkomtel, the operator of Plus network; Arcadis, a company which deals with consulting, design, engineering and project management in the area of infrastructure, aquatic resources, natural environment and construction as well as Cube ITG, operating in the IT industry.


IK Development acted also as an agent at the end of 2013, during the lease transaction of 200 sq. m of office space in Racławicka Center by PC Factory SA. The quiet office block is located by the lake in the southern part of Wrocław and offers 5000 sq. m.

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