Nauta Shiprepair Yard as a multifunctional complex

Gdynia Waterfront, visualization -
Gdynia Waterfront, visualization -
An unknown investor purchased some areas owned by Nauta Shiprepair Yard. The advisors from Colliers International participated in the sales transaction.

The areas owned by Nauta Shiprepair Yard are located at Waszyngton Street in the center of Gdynia. The production activity of the shipyard was transferred into the area of a former Stocznia Gdynia, thanks to which the investment areas intended for realization of a multifunctional Gdynia Waterfront project were released.


We decided to divide the territory owned by Nauta Shipyard into two areas. We have just selected an investor who is going to develop one of those parts. There will be a modern urban structure in place of former industrial areas which is going to change the character of the center of Gdynia. The finalized transaction is a completion of a very important stage in the realization of the Gdynia Waterfront project – comments Emil Domeracki from Colliers International who is responsible for the process of the shipyard’s sale. – We are also exclusively negotiating with an investor who is interested in the other part of the shipyard. At present, the process of law and technical analysis of the property is being conducted – adds Domeracki.


The areas owned by Nauta Shiprepair Yard occupy nearly 8,5 ha. According to the local land management plan, they are intended for residential and commercial development. The architectural project envisages realization of a shopping mall with a cinema (the plan allows for situating of a large area retail trade in that place), residential buildings with a separated office part and hotel situated directly on the coast. The residential development will occupy 28 000 sq. m, commercial – 45 000 sq. m, office – 23 000 sq. m and hotel – 8000 sq. m. Moreover, there will be also 35 000 sq. m intended for car parks and some areas assigned for warehouses.


The compilation of a local land management plan concerning the areas owned by the shipyard lasted over a year. The process was conducted in close cooperation with urban authorities. The selection of the first investor means that the construction works in the center of Gdynia will start within two years – says Emil Domeracki from Colliers International.


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