Department of Alior Bank in Olivia Business Center

Olivia Business Centre
Olivia Business Centre
A new headquarters of Alior Bank started its activity in Gdańsk office on 1st September this year. The registered office of the bank is located on the ground floor of the Olivia Gate building in a premises formerly occupied by Meritum Bank.

The legal merger between Alior Bank and Meritum Bank was held on 30th June 2015 and the fusion of these two entities was held 5 months after finalization of the purchase transaction of shares owned by Meritum Bank. The operation merger was supposed to be conducted till the end of 2015. The pace of fusion with Meritum Bank confirms that Alior Bank has a manager staff and rich experience in fusion processes as well as modern IT architecture. We meet all conditions with support from a new strategic investor in order to play a meaningful role in further consolidation of the bank sector – says Wojciech Sobieraj, Chairman of Alior Bank.


Except for a wide offer of bank products, we also want to provide a comfortable and complex service. We hope that the opening of this department in a well-communicated and prestigious office will contribute to increase in satisfaction of our clients from services provided by us – says Tomasz Ciurzyński, Manager of Department.  


Olivia Business Center is located in the city center of Gdańsk and it is composed of five office structures, that is Olivia Gate, Olivia Point, Olivia Tower, Olivia Four and Olivia Six opened in May this year. Works related to the building of the biggest structure of the center – Olivia Star skyscraper were started in April this year. The present area of Olivia Business Center amounts to 3500 sq. m and – as a target – it will exceed the level of 120 000 sq. m. The center has over 1600 parking places and changing rooms as well as car parks for bicyclists.


We are doing our best in Olivia Business Center in order to make work of our residents easier. The work comfort is also a possibility of dealing with many cases on the spot without necessity of moving between different service centers. Therefore, except for the high quality of offices, the center offers access to a well-developed service passage. In OBC there are three conference halls, medical center, three restaurants, kindergarten and nursery, four banks, modern gymnasium, cafe, beauty salon, notary, point for charging of electric cars – says Agnieszka Zglinicka, responsible for commercialization of Olivia Business Center.  


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