DOT Office with Olimp restaurant

DOT Office, visualization medusa group (source:
DOT Office, visualization medusa group (source:
Gastromall Group – owner of the Olimp brand – signed a lease agreement concerning area in the DOT Office building – an investment owned by Buma Group.

The size of a new restaurant under the Olimp brand totals 260 sq. m. The restaurant will start its activity in January 2016. At present, Olimp owns 20 restaurants on the area of Cracow, Katowice and Gliwice and 17 franchised premises located in the whole Poland. Olimp restaurants have been recently opened in Copernicus gallery in Toruń and in the Silesia Star office building in Katowice. 


DOT Office complex will be composed of three offices: A, B, C which are located at Czerwone Maki Street in the Cracow Ruczaj district. Each of the offices will offer ca. 7200 sq. m of space which jointly constitutes ca. 21 600 sq. m. At present, the first stage of the investment's realization is being conducted. The complex received the BREEAM certificate with the Very Good grade.


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