Office building in Kielce put up for sale

Office building currently owned by CHEMAR
Office building currently owned by CHEMAR
A building in Kielce currently owned by „CHEMAR” SA company has been put up for sale.

Zakłady Urządzeń Chemicznych i Armatury Przemysłowej „CHEMAR” invited oral bids for sale of a property located at Olszewskiego 6 Street in Kielce. It includes three plots (6/85, 6/86, 6/336) with a 9-tier office building and two plots (6/342 and 6/338), on which a car park is located. Jointly, the area of all plots amounts to 0.5050 ha and the usable area of the office totals 5549.44 sq. m. The asking price of plots included in the tender amounts to 7 923 100.00 zlotys. The property is recorded in the land and mortgage registers KI1L/00059761/7 (plots 6/85, 6/86) and KI1L/00057558/7 (plot 6/336 as well as plots 6/342 and 6/338).  


The office is located in the northern part of the capital in Świętokrzyskie Voivodship in close proximity to Kielce Technology Park and Targi Kielce. Moreover, it is situated in the neighborhood of the freeway S74 and S7. The property is also an attractive location for start-ups and hotel companies as well as residential investments.


The bidding is planned on 15th October this year and it will be held in the headquarters of the „CHEMAR” company at Olszewskiego 6 Street. Till that day, all interested may visit the property. The only condition in order to join the tender is to pay (till 13th October this year) a deposit in the amount of 800 thousand zlotys.


The minimal starting price in the bid was set at the level of 80 thousand zlotys.


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