Where are the offices?

Visualisation of Business Center Niepołomice
Visualisation of Business Center Niepołomice
The main markets in the office sector are big cities, such as Warsaw and Kraków. There is, however, a trend of locating the investments in different places, for example Bydgoszcz and Toruń. It turns out, that the office buildings can be also found in more baffling places...

City of salt

Wieliczka. A town 13,41 km2 big, with 19,600 citizens. Kraków is bigger by over 300 km2, and it has about 40 times more citizens. The main attraction of Wieliczka is well-known salt mine, annually visited by about one million people. The town, however, is not aspiring to be a business leader, which is why investing in office spaces can look strange.

Murapol developer, who realises buildings in the whole country, has decided to invest in the city of salt. Thanks to the company, Wieliczka gained Przy Parku complex, which includes, among others, two office buildings. It is not much when compared to such commercial giants as Bonarka4Business in Kraków, but in a town as small as Wieliczka, such an investment can be called impressive.

New showcase of Niepołomice

Niepołomice is located in Wieliczka County, nearby south-east border of Kraków. The town has almost 11,000 citizens on the area of 27,4 km2. The whole Gmina Niepołomice is 95,1 km2 big with 24,399 people living. The region has a noticeable growth of industrial zones. Over 50 big companies came to the Gmina, Coca-Cola and MAN between them. However, until now Niepołomice has not attracted any developers willing to invest in modern office spaces.

A gap in Gmina’s potential has been recently noticed. Soon, a construction of Business Center Niepołomice will start, which is to encourage more companies to invest in the region.

That modern place with an elegant architectonic design will not only provide a comfortable workspace. It will also become a new showcase of Niepołomice, as it will be located by the main road leading to the town and the people visiting will see it – comments Wojciech Nowak, investor of Business Center Niepołomice.

Smaller place – bigger assets

What is an asset of an office building located in a small town? Against appearances, it can be the localisation. For example, Business Center Niepołomice is located on the northern border of Kraków and Niepołomice, by 75 trunk road. Approach road will be convenient, especially considering... the lack of traffic jams. The investor says that the building will be more easily accessible than the ones located in the congested centre o Kraków. Additionally, six kilometres from BCN there is a junction is Szarów, which allows a fast and comfortable ride on A4 highway both to the eastern and western regions of Poland. The highway also provides an access to the International Airport Kraków–Balice.
Big area of the place allows a parking lot, which will have enough room for the cars of the employees and the clients both. Companies, which have their offices in Śródmieście district of Kraków, often have problems with the lack of parking spaces.

Atmosphere of peace and quiet

Putting aside better transportation opportunities, the atmosphere of peace, found in smaller towns, is hard to ignore. Our BCN will surely provide better work atmosphere than the one in Kraków, as we are located far from the noise, rush and pollution of a big city. Proximity of Niepołomice Forest guarantees fresh air and positive influence of a green area on humans, their health, mood, and, in consequence, efficiency of the work – says Wojciech Nowak.

These assets can tempt for example companies from the outsourcing sector. They are looking for modern spaces in good price. Niepołomice can be a great localisation, as it is close to Kraków, with good transportation and lesser prices. Presence of such companies can complete potential of a town, in which industry is growing rapidly.

We would like for our modern office centre to be seen as a contribution for the development of Niepołomice, which started in the XIVth century, when Casimir the Great built here second, after Wawel, residence for the kings – sums up Wojciech Nowak.

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ciekawy z krakowa :
W sumie okoliczne miasta przy dużych aglomeracjach wydają się być ciekawą alternatywą dla firm, które chcą uniknąć miejskiego zgiełku i wiecznych korków. Ciekawe tylko jakich najemców przyciągną te inwestycje...?
May 24, 2013 at 3:46 PM