Company in XXI century


In present century the work in a company looks completely different than several dozen years ago.

According to Andrzej Blikle, in a present century enterprises treat their employees differently and their tasks have other philosophy of taking care about the quality. Moreover, companies have a different style of gathering information and they are not managed in the same way as they used to be in the past. Traditional management structure reminds a structure of an army, that is from a marshal, general, through colonels, to corporals and aircraftmen – says professor Andrzej Blikle, entrepreneur. On the other hand, the present structure is a proceeding one, in which there is no hierarchy. It is a client, not a team leader, who gives orders considering how much is to be done.


From gendarme to companion


Present companies diametrically change relations between an employer and employee. In the past, the structure of an enterprise was based on control – superiors on each level have been controlling their subordinates. Currently, the most important is trust. Many companies which are traditionally managed are built on the lack of trust, that is on the assumption that people are dishonest and lazy, that is why they should be urged to work with the use of carrot and stick approach – comments professor Blikle. Companies in XXI century are the ones which are being built on trust and self-control, not on control. It turned out to be more sufficient and people are much happier.


Money is not everything


The consequence of the other approach to a worker is the change of goals which they should try to achieve. The company’s budget is not an access point any more, but it becomes a prognosis which allows to plan the development of an enterprise. It remains a prognosis because we believe that people would work as good as they can – thinks Andrzej Blikle.Therefore, we do not have to check if they led their results to so called targets, that is aims. This prognosis is aimed at financial navigation which is about making the best decisions of all available options depending on business and market surrounding which is changing all the time.


It all began from a post office


The changes in companies were also caused by development in technology, thanks to which the access to information – which is crucial while achieving business goals – is still extending. Firstly, entrepreneurs were supported by a post office, then by a phone, and finally – by an email. Now we deal with information platforms: These are computer devices which enable to place fragments of knowledge and documents on a public platform in such a way that each interested will be notified when new information in the area of his interest is presented – explains Blikle.


Elimination of sources, not defects


In XXI century a product is developing very dynamically, trying to catch up clients’ needs. Along with a product, the quality and the way of taking care about it is changing. In XX century we were taking care about quality through elimination of faulty products. In XXI century – through elimination of sources of those defects. This way is much more sufficient and more economical because it decreases the fraction of defects which enter on the market – claims professor Andrzej Blikle.

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