A terrace in your office

Obervation decks are to be arranged on the roof of Zefir
A terrace is a relaxation place in residential buildings, whereas in service buildings – it often performs a role of a café garden. And how about its function in the office?

Terraces are generally associated with home and some relaxation in the garden. However, they are more and more often entering the office space. Terraces are created not only on the ground floors but also on the roofs and the last tiers of the buildings. Does an incredible panorama, which can be admired from the highest floors of the multi-tier offices, constitute an incentive for placing observation decks in the offices? How is this additional space actually used?


To warm up the image of your office 


Terraces complement the office space. As an element associated with home, they additionally warm up the image of the offices, especially those with a raw solid. Many of them remain available only for the employees of a given office, often constituting relaxation zones, however, they are sometimes made public and thus the building becomes a part of its city, willingly visited by both inhabitants and tourists. Additionally, a terrace on the highest floors can be a touristic attraction.    


The tourists had always been willingly visiting the highest city towers, from which they could admire the panorama of the surroundings. For that reason, the observation decks are placed in many highest buildings in Poland. The example is Sky Tower in Wroclaw. An observation deck is placed on the 49th floor of this skyscraper, attracting all people who want to admire the panorama of the capital of Lower Silesia.


Such public points or observation decks are also created in the offices. The example is Olivia Star, which is to be the highest building in northern Poland. The inhabitants of Gdańsk and the tourists will soon be able to admire the panorama from the highest floor of this building, including Zatoka Gdańska (Gdansk Bay), the city of Gdansk, the cliffs of Gdynia, the harbors in Gdynia and Gdansk, the piers in Sopot and Półwysep Helski (Hel Peninsula) as well as the entirely tree-covered Trójmiejski Park Krajobrazowy (Tricity Landscape Park). Two separate elevators are to bring the visitors to the public observation deck, with no stop on the office floors.


Relax on your terrace 


A terrace in the office is a space which is often arranged as a relaxation zone. It performs a similar role, that is a relaxation place, in residential buildings. No wonder that terraces are also created in the mixed-use buildings. The example is a commercial and apartment office Park Club, which is being erected on the verge of the Cracow’s Błonia Park. A commercial space is located on the ground floor of the building, which is close to a gastronomic part. There are 6000 sq. m of office space on the four levels of Park Club, whereas the last two tiers are intended for a residential part. The green areas of the city can be admired from the terraces and the balconies of the apartments. Such view is very relaxing and thus these places constitute perfect relaxation zones. The cherry on top of the offer of Park Club is a hanging terrace covered with a greenery composition, which creates a green podium. This garden atmosphere of the floor is a continuation of the park surroundings of the building.


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