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Pokoyhof Passage is a place open to cultural initiatives
Modern business more and more often performs a role of a sponsor or patron of art. Is investment in art profitable?

How is business engaged in culture? There are as many opportunities as forms of cultural activity. Support of artists, museums, art galleries, or investment in film, theatrical or paint works, as well as organization of various artistic events, exhibitions and concerts – these are only some of the available options.


Sponsorship or patronage


The private sector more and more often performs a role of a partner for artists and other institutions of culture. Companies become partners of projects, they establish foundations and choose sponsorship. It is both sponsorship and patronage that currently constitute two fundamental forms of cooperation on the line business-culture. Against all appearances, these are not identical concepts. Sponsorship is based on exchange of such services which bring balanced profits for both sides. The business side, as a sponsor, transmits, for instance, financial means, and expects benefits specified in the sponsorship agreement in return, such as a logotype or passes for clients and employees of their company. Patronage is often related to a greater financial outlay and it is more like an unpaid support of cultural entities. Of course, sometimes there is a situation when cultural institutions publish information about patronage for free, for instance, in promotional materials.


Is it worth it? 


Why do companies decide to cooperate with cultural institutions and artists? It is a form of promotion for a brand and a way for reaching potential clients, that is recipients of art. Thanks to such cooperation, employees are provided with a participation in cultural events. However, engagement of business is something more than activities involving effective public relations. It is related with a sense of charitable participation in development of society. Business often supports various institutions and cultural events within Corporate Cultural Responsibility (CCR).

Sponsorship or patronage of art are not only intended for chosen industries of business. Admittedly, many of them have longer tradition in this field, however, others can join them successively as well. Additionally, many companies of the real estate industry cooperate within the processes which are aimed at support of culture. Developers often become organizers of important cultural events. Besides, cultural initiatives are supported not only by big enterprises but also by family and smaller companies.


Culturally engaged developer 


Dorbud SA has been engaged in activities for culture and art since the very first moment of its business activity. The company cooperates with the “New Art Zone” Foundation established by Dorota and Tomasz Tworkowie, which has been supporting and promoting cultural initiatives for many years. The goal of the foundation is to co-create public space within, for instance, public presentations of artistic projects or showing care about existing buildings of cultural and industrial heritage.

Moreover, Dorbud initiated a cycle of artistic events called “Art in public space”. It consists in introduction of exterior exhibitions of modern art works to public space of Kielce. A chosen artist creates an installation every year, which then turns up on Plac Artystów (Artists Square) in Kielce, where it is available for both inhabitants of the city and tourists.


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