Enjoy Sunbeams in Your Office!

Shades in the office (pic ReflexSun)
The first sunny days of spring are a good reason for joy. Unfortunately, they are also killing employees of modern offices by overheating their work places. Is there any solution to it?

A glass facade or large windows are characteristics for a great majority of modern office buildings. Numerous glazed surfaces are placed in the offices to light up the rooms using natural light. It has been observed that the access to natural light retards tiredness and enhances both visual comfort and ability to concentrate.  


When the sunbeams hamper your work…


The access to natural light or the view out of the window are very important aspects for many employees. Unfortunately, the large glazed areas in modern offices are sometimes killing for the users of such buildings, especially during spring and summer periods. The problem is overheating of the interiors caused by the sunbeams. The office is no longer a comfortable work place, even the air conditioning system can be burdensome. Moreover, a strong blow of the sunbeams entering the office is not comfortable for the employees' eyes, especially when it reflects in the screens of different devices available in the office.  




How to avoid overheating of your office and keep the access to daylight?


A kind of glass which reflects the sunbeams serves as perfect protection against overheated interiors. This solution does not limit the access to daylight, but it constitutes protection against increased temperature and a strong glow, which irritates the eyes. What if the windows in our office are not made from such specialised sun glass? In such case we often choose the old solutions such as covering windows with different kinds of curtains, shades, etc. They prevent from overheating of a given room, however, they limit the view out of the window as well as the access to daylight. Fortunately, technology provides a solution to that problem. The example can be Screen shades (reflexols) produced by ReflexSun; these are external covers which are mounted on windows. The material used for their production does not transmit thermal radiation, thus it helps to keep optimal temperature inside the room. The shades are not a barrier for daylight and work place can be bright and well-lighted. Employees value the view out of their windows just as the access to natural light. Therefore, these specialised external shades allow for an effortless look outside the window, preventing from the sense of confinement, which is provided by the areolar fabric's structure. Another solution is thermal foil, which is applied on both glass and polycarbonate. It can also serve as protection against overheated rooms, reducing reflections. Not only overheating of the interiors but also the reflections of the Sun on computer screens, which irritate the eyes, can be tiresome for employees. The protection against them are external shades mounted on windows such as Screen shades (reflexols).




Sunny days favour spending time outside. When we are at work, we definitely enjoy bright rooms lightened up by the sunbeams. Although windows provide the access to daylight, large glazed areas can cause some problems such as overheated rooms. However, we do not have to resign completely from bright and well-lighted work places to get rid of some nuisances. Thanks to various solutions available on the market (such as shades, reflective glass, or heat-insulating foils), many employees expect sunny days even more eagerly, whereas the weather does not cause any difficulties at work place anymore.


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