The Evolution of Work – a challenge for your office

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The nature of the workplace is something that is still evolving and the work environment is constantly attempting to follow these changes. How has the workplace changed in order to efficiently meet all the requirements of its users? What challenges have to be met?


From individual to team


At present, many employees prefer team work more than individual work. This form of work is chosen mainly by people from younger generations, who are eagerly engaged in such activities as exchanging information, quick consultations, or opportunity of cooperation. A modern office has to therefore serve as a place for team work. Due to various forms of cooperation in the office environment, it has to offer adequate spacious and arrangement solutions. From our experience, not enough space for meetings is a great nuisance of existing offices, which makes free cooperation of employees impossible – explains Ewelina Adamus, Nowy Styl Group.


The evolution of work has a crucial impact on how modern offices look like. They should always reflect the mode of work as well as the needs of a given organization. Flexibility, access to various work zones, support of modern technologies, mobility, or comfort of employees are such challenges which simply have to be met by modern space – says Ewelina Adamus. In order to meet these requirements, knowledge of a given organization is necessary, since it is the basis for the activities within conscious arrangement of the workplace.


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