Office Design in Harmony with Nature

Designers draw inspiration from nature more and more frequently (pic MDD)
Employees wonder how to increase effectiveness and comfort of their employees. How about using a therapeutic power of Mother Nature? But how to do it since we spend most of our time at the office? The solution is a popular trend in interior design, which is called “biophilic design.”


A good example is the MDD brand and its designs of reception counters. The Organic counter has organic shapes, closed in a cubistic form. The project of this counter refers to a living organism and its smallest structural unit, that is cell. In spite of its irregular shapes, it creates totality, giving the sense of harmony and order. Additionally, the lighted counter warms its looks, providing coherence of form and colouring.


Another example is design of a counter called Arctic Summer. Its pattern of a crumbling sheet of ice brings associations with the snow-white land of glaciers. Organic shapes and other shapes which refer to natural forms can fire the unlimited imagination and be open to interpretation. It is indicative of uniqueness of these two projects, which are good options, especially for people who seek some depth and character in their interior designs.


Closeness with nature develops our sensual awareness; not only through irregular shapes but also through their facture and colours. The application of natural colouring in arrangement of modern office provides warmth and cosiness. Greenery and their shades are also of great importance. A researcher, Stephanie Lichtenfeld, proved that green has a positive impact on our well-being. Furthermore, it enhances our concentration and effectiveness.


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