Office Design in Harmony with Nature

Designers draw inspiration from nature more and more frequently (pic MDD)
Employees wonder how to increase effectiveness and comfort of their employees. How about using a therapeutic power of Mother Nature? But how to do it since we spend most of our time at the office? The solution is a popular trend in interior design, which is called “biophilic design.”


It is also worth noting the use of eco fibres. They are soft, comfy, and, most importantly, they stimulate the sense of touch. The example can be a collection of puffs, Bazalto, made by MDD. It was inspired by a rock formation on the coast of Northern Ireland, which comprises of tight interlocking basaltic columns. However, not only does their shape refer to the rocks of the Giant’s Causeway. The applied natural material gives a sense of softness and comfort. It is therefore no surprise that the compositions of Bazalto puffs perfectly fit space intended for relaxation, for instance, chillout zones. Shape, fibre and a whole range of colours make that Bazalto co-creates atmosphere of harmony and calmness.


This particular kind of architecture refers to nature, stimulates senses and stirs imagination. However, it is not often treated as a style, but as a way of thinking and perceiving the surrounding world, in the context of nature. According to the research conducted by Human Spaces, even 88 per cent of the respondents observed a positive impact of natural elements and patterns placed in their offices. Moreover, 77 per cent of them felt enhancement of employment relations. The observation of natural imitations, which decorate the walls, had a direct influence on decrease in stress and pain.


Quoting Jamie Russo, a popular author of Work Design Magazine, design work places for people – it is your life, your breath, your human employees – you will be on your way to success. Knowing the therapeutic profits of Mother Nature, we can design and create a working environment which favours well-being and health as well as stirs development of employees. Work places can stimulate creative thinking and have an impact on productivity of employees. Office arrangements based on the biophilic approach provide harmony and favour relaxation. Not only do they create a sense of belonging to a given place, but also they give a sense of safety through their connection with nature.




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