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Bobrowiecka 6 in Warsaw - interior
Art in the office is becoming more and more popular. What is the role of pieces of art in a work place? Are they only decorative elements?

Nowadays, companies constantly seek new ways for attracting the best employees on the market. What plays a crucial role in this process is office design (see more: Office vs. Employer’s Image). What is more, it is also of great importance for current employees. Undoubtedly, an attractive work place supports creative thinking as well as staff productiveness. One of the ways for decorating office space is introduction of some pieces of art. Their presence inspires, stimulates imagination, relaxes, and brings comfort. Therefore, art in the office space is becoming more and more popular. These global trends are also noticeable on the Polish real estate market.

Works of art often constitute a showcase of a given company by building its image in the eyes of both employees and clients. As it has already been mentioned, they can have a positive impact on staff productivity. It is confirmed by surveys conducted by, for instance, the Business Committee for the Arts (BCA) and the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAPAA). According to 78 per cent of the surveyed, art in the office lowers stress and 64 per cent of the respondents believe that it actually increases creativeness. Moreover, 77 per cent of the surveyed claim that art encourages them to express their own opinions. What is more, the surveys conducted by Exeter University in Great Britain demonstrate greater staff productivity due to the presence of art in the office space. According to them, staff productivity increases in such places by even 17 per cent.1

The example of an office building in which art is a regular guest is Bobrowiecka in Warsaw. The complex comprises of Bobrowiecka 6, which does not only offer modern office space but it is also a place which promotes art. Work of many leading authors of Polish modern art (for instance, Magdalena Abakanowicz, Wojciech Fangor, Stefan Gierowski, Władysław Hasior, Tadeusz Kantor, Roman Opałka, Teresa Pągowska, Wilhelm Sasnal, Leon Tarasewicz and Ryszard Winiarski) are often presented in the office. The promotion of art in the complex is organized within Spectra Art Space, which is realized in cooperation with Starak Foundation. This initiative is inspired by practices from different countries, such as Bloomberg Space in London, Deutsche Bank+Guggenheim in Berlin, or Generali Foundation in Vienna. The office interiors in these places became art galleries.


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