Flowery Events

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How to create a unique atmosphere for important events? Technical elements, such as lighting or sounding, used to be of great importance in the past. Nowadays, flowers are becoming more and more popular because only they can complete any event in such an exceptional way.


What should we bear in mind while planning a professional floral and decorative design for our event? Firstly, decorations should be in line with a type of event. Flowers constitute a part of scenography, thus they cannot overwhelm the whole interior. They have to subtly highlight the character of a given event and give it some prestige. Hence, colors of decorations and bunches are of great importance. Many events have leading colors, which results from a logotype of a given event. These colors are often present in many decoration elements so floral decorations should fit them. Coloristically ill-fitting elements can distort the visual perception of the whole space and sometimes they can even irritate the participants.

It is important to place flowers and other decorations very carefully. First and foremost, they should be put in strategic places where the participants of a given event will gather and where important elements will be concentrated, for instance, on a stage, or in a reception hall. While placing bunches of flowers, flower pots or other decorations in a place where a given event is to be organized, it is worth remembering about avoiding placing them in points where they can disturb people. Decorations which are located in wrong places can disturb both organizers and support services, they can make moving difficult to the participants, or they can pose a threat after tumble. It is also worth benefitting from the experience of experts and commission them the arrangement of greenery because their abilities allow to avoid mistakes in the disposition of decorations. Moreover, the professionals, who have the necessary experience, can decorate the rooms very quickly before the envisaged event and they can disassemble floral decorations right after the end. In the case of events, time is very important and therefore it is definitely worth sparing it and ordering activities related to floral and decorative services to professional companies.


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