Remedy for Small Problems of Large Companies

pic Future Processing
pic Future Processing
Even 2 million zlotys annually. This is how much every employer hiring 840 people spends for the time their employees are searching for conference halls and struggling with small office issues. Is this a frivolous problem? Certainly not. All you have to do is to look at the numbers.


And how exactly does it work? Future Office is a system of booking conference halls displayed on tablets installed in front of them and it is also a mobile application. Employee can therefore book a conference hall by e-mail, tablet or smartphone. The reservation is immediately registered in the system and it can be seen on the device placed in front of the hall or in user’s calendar in smartphone and on the computer. Tablet allows for a quick look at a meeting plan, their duration and checking who and why has booked a given hall. It is not all. The application cancels the meeting with no participants. – One simple and modern solution and we do not have to worry about such issues as double reservation or lack of access to meeting hall any more – says Karol Kloc.

The organization of conference hall seems to be not the only "small" problem that every office employee has to deal with. What if we have to immediately print out an important agreement or if we would like to drink something warm after several hours of strenuous work? And suddenly there is no paper in the printer or lack of coffee in the kitchen? You have to do something with it. Ring somebody? But who? Send an e-mail and report a problem? – This is only an extra trouble and we already have other business tasks to perform. So we are irritated but we do not report our issue because we do not have time to do it. And then, again, Future Office is there to help you. We record a problem by the application directly to the person who is responsible for its solving – says Karol Kloc. Thereby, the problem is solved much easier and much faster. What is more, employee can observe that their engagement actually brings effects directly in their working place.

As we can see, modern technologies enter almost all fields of our life with great impetus. They support human in their everyday tasks. Office space management is not the exception. Innovative systems allow for effective solution of small issues which then become big problems in the office context. Intelligent office means improvement of organizational culture and real savings. It has generally been known that proper working conditions affect work quality. There is only one conclusion. It is definitely worth investing in modern and efficient organization of office space.


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