Open Space Can Be Cozy Too

Allianz: Warsaw Head Office Renovated By Tétris In accordance With The Project By Quada Studio
Tétris carried out a general overhaul of Allianz office; 14 000 sq. m were redeveloped within 14 months. At present, open space that stimulates cooperation between employees constitutes 80% of total space occupied by Allianz.


This new interior design makes that employees may feel comfortable even in open space. Some parts of open space are separated by transparent and high partitions, which isolate the working teams. I was a great opponent of open space until I sat there by myself. Such a revolutionary change in our culture caused that we all accepted the changes with a very positive energy. A well-thought-out project leveled the factory of desks and open space has become cozier and friendlier – says Mariusz Podbielski. However, it’s necessary to dampen it for making it friendlier to employees. The project of Allianz envisaged leaving open finishing ceilings and adding acoustic panels. There are also a lot of felt and xyloid elements in the new interior.

Motif: Rays And Ropes

When you’re inside, you can see the light lines radiating outside, which create a visual harmony – says Anna Rębecka, architect from Quadra Studio. Therefore, the leitmotif in the office are rays of lights whereas the interior geometry is based on them. They’re reflected in the picture of flooring and other finishing elements, including ropes.

Rope is something that connects you with life. Think about climbing, sailing or bungee jumping – says Anna Rębecka. Rope simply symbolizes the highest value of Allianz, that is safety. The motif of ropes occurs in different places in the office. There are, for instance, stretched on glass partition walls.

The coloring of interiors also refers to the company's main values. Blue is associated with water and water is associated with life, around which the identity of Allianz insurance company concentrates. Pomegranate symbolizes dignity and authority whereas sky blue constitutes a source of inspiration and creativity. What’s more, colors are to help the employees to know the layout of office premises. They make the identification of floors or zones much easier after entering the hall. Two taints dominate on each floor and they complement each other in finishings – one to the right, latter to the left from the entrance.

Meeting, Working And Relaxation Halls

The representatives parts of the office such as reception, meeting halls or show room are places that are available for guests of Allianz. These zones were renovated. At present, Allianz conference center is located on the ground floor, thanks to which all guests from the outside don’t generate additional traffic in the hubs. Tétris designed several conference halls that can be combined in one hall, creating a large room. Foyer is intended for more elegant events, where stylish couches are placed on the landings.

The employees have also telephone booths and several conference halls at their disposal. The second floor is especially worth mentioning as Tétris created there a relaxation center. There are a table tennis, upholstered furniture with comfortable seats and special space with a game consol. What’s more, yoga classes are organized in this place every week.

After the removal, the greatest challenge for us was a change of team's mentality and working system. We’re all satisfied with open space because these spaces are adjusted to our changing needs. In respect of time, quality and finances, we can boast about a big success – sums up Mariusz Podbielski, Allianz.


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