A Plant Pot That Purifies The Air

Airy Pot
Take a deep breath. Do you know what's actually in your lungs? If you’re in a busy city, at work or home, it’ll be probably lifegiving oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen, but also smog, benzene, formaldehyde, phthalates, ammonia, etc. This doesn’t sound optimistic. But what does it actually mean?

It means that nowadays, in times of increased need for energy as well as transport traffic and industry, many harmful chemical compounds such as dust, liquids or gases get into our natural environment in increasing quantities. Figures don’t lie. Over 40 thousand people die prematurely due to pollution every year. What’s more, air pollution such as dust or heavy metals causes many serious complaints and diseases starting from seemingly harmless migraines, distractions and allergies, and ending with damaged respiratory, nervous and cardiovascular systems. Importantly, they can also cause cancer. Air quality is indisputably poor these days.

When we hear about air pollution and smog alarms in the television, we often think that this issue doesn’t concern us. We look outside the window and smile to the clear sky, saying to ourselves: “what’s the problem?”. We aren’t aware of the fact that this issue concerns all of us.

Many harmful substances don’t come to us from the outside. We invite them unconsciously to our houses with new furniture, household, toys, by spraying perfumes or hairspray, painting the walls or nails or vacuuming. All that surrounds us emits pollution that pervades our respiratory system in the form of drops of water, sand, dust or carbon molecules. So, you still think that this problem doesn’t concern you?

You Cannot Change The Entire World – But You Can Change A Part Of It

You’re probably thinking about what you can do in order to protect yourself and people who are in a close relationship with you. Of course, you can buy green products that are safe for the environment, you can equip everyone with protective masks, but, what next? You have to trust Mother Nature and two inventors!


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