How To Create A Unique Space

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CubiForms Wave: wall panels
A convenient and attractive space is a great challenge for architects. However, there are lots of useful ideas that help them to arrange interiors, for instance, CubiForms wall panels, which do not only serve as a decorative factor.

Extraordinary Design

Any space may be uniquely designed with the use of ready CubiForms wall panels as they have many different functions. They may be surely placed on the entire wall but there are other options too. One of them is an intriguing composition made from several works of art, which may be also combined with a decorative material such as moss. What is more, CubiForms wall panels are available in different colors. This is another feature which may be used while designing a unique space. It allows for many different variations; one uniform color or several colors. Any space may be designed with the use of diverse patterns offered by CubiForms wall panels.

Health: Time to Take Take Care of Users

In spite of the increasing role of decor in interior design, which has to be easy on the eye and comfortable in use, it is not only about the look. It is also of great importance to provide our users with a place which is healthy and handy for cleaning. Materials used in a given space are really invaluable. CubiForms wall panels are made from natural materials such as wood wool. Products made from this particular material are safe to use. Thanks to ecological materials (wood wool, cement or water), CubiForms wall panels have the following properties: stabilization of humidity and internal temperature, incombustibility, absence of harmful substances and soundproofing. What is more, they are made from enduring materials. Thanks to such persistence, CubiForms wall panels may be used in any place that is vulnerable to damage such as walls or office posts. They allow to keep such space clean and aesthetical. The properties of CubiForms wall panels may be applied in place of defects in walls as they may be easily hidden.

How To Create A Cozy Interior?

CubiForms wall panels allow to obtain much cozier interior. They may be successfully used in offices of open space type. Employees often do not feel comfortable and casual in such places as it is very difficult to provide coziness and relaxation. Thanks to their structure, CubiForms wall panels introduce a bit of warmness and simplicity to the interior and remain in harmony with materials considered as too “cold” and unhomelike, e.g. glass or metal. The fracture of the panels enters into a dialogue with postindustrial and raw interiors.

CubiForms wall panels allow to create a convenient office as they have a sound-scattering function and provide the right humidity. 

CubiForms wall panels are often applied as the background for emphasizing the disparity of a given zone and dividing it on the plan of open office. They may be used in receptions, conference halls, clubs or cafes.

It is always worth taking care of the office so that employees could feel comfortable in it. They may concentrate better in such space and work more effectively and creatively. Fortunately, changes do not always have to be related with long-lasting and tiresome renovation works. For instance, the installation of CubiForms wall panels is very easy and allows for quick and effective changes.


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