Innovative Office Space: System Solutions By CreoConcept

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Nowadays, the concept of team work is of great importance. It involves the right functional setting of office space as well as solutions and materials applied in interior design.

Innovative companies are changing very dynamically these days, just like the surrounding world. They’re becoming more and more open to new ideas involving running a business. Although employees have advanced technologies at their disposal, they’re still searching for new interesting working spaces where the surroundings isn’t so demanding but inspires and boosts creativity.

The growing trend of creating office spaces by using system walls instead of drywalls has been really popular over the past ten years. Drywall installation involves many strenuous actions such as fixing of structures, paneling, filling, sanding and painting, which obviously disturbs company’s operations and distracts employees.

System solutions allow for effective elimination of all these negative aspects. The awareness of numerous assets is still growing among investors, architects and users, whose requirements concerning execution of the perfect office project design are higher and higher. Depending on different needs of company, system walls may perform various functions, for instance, dividing a concrete space or providing the right acoustic soundproofing. Security aspects concerning people and goods are equally important; for instance, fire resistance is more often mentioned these days.


System Wall Finishing

There are different ways of finishing the system walls. These occur as non-transparent compartments filled with veneered, laminated or varnished boards as well as transparent walls filled with different kinds of glass, depending on project requirements. This specialist glass and the right aluminum system can provide incredibly effective fire protection. What’s more, glass has another important asset; the already mentioned transparency. The right lighting of rooms significantly influences work comfort and productivity.

The right configuration of system solutions allows for unlimited project execution opportunities. However, total involvement of all sides (architects, deliverers of different solutions, future users of designed office, etc.) is required to create the best office space. The system approach to usable interior design determines presence of our experts during all stages of this process. Cooperation with developers, architects and companies that specialize in final interior finishing is also necessary – says Tomasz Rybka, Chairman of the Board of CreoConcept.

CreoConcept from Kielce puts great emphasis on development of products that need to meet expectations of designers and constantly increasing normative requirements specified by the Polish Committee for Standardization (PKN) and Building Research Institutes in the field of acoustics, soundproofing and fire protection.


Time Is Money

Apart from multifunctionality, flexible configuration and high aesthetics, system solutions have another huge asset: easiness and quickness of installation, dismantling, introduction of changes in settings and rearrangement of interior design. This plays a key role in the process of commissioning commercial properties because construction companies have less time to carry out their projects and, as we all know, "time is money".

Popularity of system solutions in interior design in the countries of western Europe has been maintaining for 30-40 years. Nowadays, investors are applying them more eagerly in Poland and this trend is about to maintain. When we look at innovative office spaces in Warsaw or in regional cities, we don’t have to have any complexes about design or functionality of office spaces in comparison to western Europe. This all indicates that developing economy and concentration of companies on the best experts, design and quality of office space will be of great importance and thus products offered by CreoConcept will be certainly very popular.


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