7th Greater Poland Seminar of Property Management


City : Poznań
Place : Sala Omega
Date : 23.05.2012 - 01.01.2008
Hour : 08:00 - 00:00
Status : closed
The event will take place on May 23 in Omega Hall, located near Dąbrowskiego 79A street in Poznań. It will gather the representatives of professional groups associated with property market.

We heartily invite you to participate in the 7th Greater Poland Seminar on Property Management, which will be held on May 23, 2012 Omega Hall (Dąbrowskiego 79A street) in Poznań, between 8AM and 5 PM.

The seminar is targeted at:

  • property managers; management
  • real estate brokers;
  • cooperative members;
  • employees on municipal administration;
  • developers;
  • tenants’ associations;
  • professional groups connected with properties and construction.  

Main subject of the seminar is „Maintenance of a common property under the law and the latest jurisdiction of courts”.

Programme of the seminar:

  1. Specification of common property managing and the borders of legal ability of the tenants’ association in managing common property.
  2. Formal and legal responsibilities of the tenants’ association connected with its registration and activity and  its responsibility for managing common property by virtue of law and by virtue of civil contract and tort responsibilites.
  3. Who is responsible for garages exploitation and what are his responsibilities?
  4. Responsibilities of the tenants’ association concerning exploitation of a common property
  5. New regulations on maintenance of order and cleanness in communes and waste disposal act.
  6. Responsibilities of the tenants’ association concerning maintenance of security of common property buildings’ use.
  7. How to use the regulations of technical and construction act on technical conditions of housing buildings’ use for maintenance  security of use in a common property to third party?
  8. Special legal responsibilities concerning removing asbestos from buildings of common property.
  9. Tenant’s association’s responsibilities concerning technical maintenance of a common property according to construction law, environment al protection law and act on fire protection.
  10. Responsibilities on nature protection and animals protection.
  11. Regulations on housing order, its scope and functions according to courts’ jurisdiction  

The talker will be Eugenia Śleszyńska – the expert and author of many publications concerning managing property issues, e. g. tax issues in a tenant’s association.

Fee of participation in the Seminar:

  • 111 PLN – people applied before 20.02.2012
  • 123 PLN – people applied after 20.02.2012

The participation is free for managing properties companies which are the clients of Wspólnota Mieszkaniowa (www.wspolnotamieszkaniowa.pl) and Portal Zarządzania Nieruchomościami (www.zarzadcy.com.pl) and have got a presentation paid.

After the Seminar, every participant will receive a certificate issued according to paragraph 6, clause 1 of Ministry of Infrastructure’s Act from July 30, 2010 on professional training of financial valuers, real estate brokers and property managers (Dz. U. Nr 140, poz. 945). As a part of the seminar, 8 training hours is given.

People interested in participation should fill in an on-line form or download it and then send via fax (61) 624 85 76.

The condition of participating is paying a fee on the account:
Grupa Medialna Nieruchomości
65 1020 1026 0000 1702 0138 1862
ul.Jedności Robotniczej 29
05-092 Łomianki

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