Interior Festival


City : Kraków
Place : Centrum Targowe Chemobudowa
Date : 15.06.2013 - 16.06.2013
Hour : 10:00 - 17:00
Status : closed
Interior Festival

It's high time for beautiful interior - novelties on Interior Festival in Cracow!

On June 15 and 16, Interior Festival in Cracow will be held.

What's in the program:

I. Sphere: polish design

In a specially arranged sphere, we will get to know the young creators associated with The Academy of Fine Arts, as well as Polish design, which already has its premiers on the exhibitions in Milan (Landor), or Cologne (InsideLab).

There will also be a nostalgic back to the future of Polish pattern-designing. The creators of MIEJSCE will present the renovated classical furniture, while the re-interpretation of classical design was done by Vzór.

Exclusively for Interior Festival, Fly with Art Foundation prepared an exhibition „3×3 design”, which will be joined by BB Gallery, „21 collective” and Landour company, which was mentioned before. The participants will have a chance to see the projects of Emandes studio, Bogdan Kosak (OTOCZAKI), Malafor, N-cart Skitsch and the artists associated with „21 collective”: Maja Gralak, Magda Pińczyńska and Tomasz Wójcik.

The participation was also confirmed of the LIMO brand from Tricity and the deiosgners of unique tables – MILONI company.

In a sphere of design, there will also be the exhibition of LaboratoryArt and its L – GO Eco Sit Play (logarithm of art).

II. Open conference panels
Sunday, June 15, 2013

11:30-12:15 Relation from the exhibition in Milan, design and furniture of the future! - Alfred Marek, the lecturer from School of Interior Design

12:30-13:00 Cologne as the capital of design – relation from Imm Cologne 2013 exhibition– Nadia Bońkowska, AnOther Design

13:15-14:00 Don't be afraid of an architect - Bogusława Nastaborska-Lisowska, Monika Mroczkowska-Białasik – lecturers from School of Interior Design

Sunday, June 16, 2013
11:30-12:00 HOW NOT TO FURNISH what for and how to use the service of design architect - Barbara Siwczyńska, Interior and Furniture Architectural Studio

12:15-12:45 Polish school of design, Floristic motive: genesis and occurences.
Polish school of design – a harsh outlook on interior arrangement and decoration. Ferns, wall units, coffin-shelves, gumolit, panellings and animal blankets, in brief – all of the best from national traditions and likings.

In the arrangements, they search for absurdities, extreme lack of taste and monotony of every-day life. They comment upon the photos, emphasizing and stressing little lacks of taste and awareness of design.

13:00-13:45 Don't be afraid of an architect - Bogusława Nastaborska-Lisowska, Monika Mroczkowska-Białasik – lecturers from School of Interior Design

III. Workshops for children:

1. Flying Dragon – Workshops on making ecological toys
Artistic workshops for children. Every child makes an educational toy in a form of Flying Dragon and then decorates it. Flying Dragon is a cardboard toy, which is 100 per cent ecological. It improves coordination of movement and it is put together in a compact way. It is ideal for outdoor play.

1. Robot Workshop

During the workshops, the children will have a chance to construct and program real robots. It will be group working activity and its aim is to stimulate imagination and creativity, as well as to improve logical and analytical thinking. Each children participates actively and uses didactic aid, such as lego Mindstorms NXT, laptop and many others.
The participants of our activities can be the children from 5 years old up to teenagers and adults.

The workshops are held by the company Modern Dimension of Education – Robot Workshop. It is a project that was created and implemented in order to familiarize young participants with new technologies, robotics, programming and change the stereotype of exact science as being boring and hard to master.ów

2. Porcelain designing with Magdą Barcik
The youngest participants of the exhibition together with their parents will have a chance to design the patterns on porcelain under the supervision of the designer. All ideas are more than welcome.

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