ECO 3rd CEE Green Building Awards


City : Warszawa
Place : Hotel InterContinental
Date : 28.11.2013
Hour : 08:30 - 23:40
Status : closed
3rd CEE Green Building Awards


 November 28, 2013, Warsaw, Polska,  InterContinental Hotel

Formal gala and forum CEE Green Building Awards is the only one event in CEE region devoted to the building industry of sustainable development, during which the projects fulfilling the standards of ecological building are awarded.  In response to the growing importance of ecology in the developement of investments in Middle and Eastern Europe, CEE Green Buildings Awards are aimed at awarding those projects which obtained international ecological certificates and the companies involved in the developement of the building industry of sustainable development (developers, investors, banks, consulting companies, architectural firms, law firms, agencies).

During the formal gala, investments holding either LEED, or BREEAM certificates will be shown, as well as those which are in the course of certification. The awards will be presented by an independent jury that conmprises of regional directors from CEE region. More than 400 particpants will take part in this year's edition of forum and gala, all of them having a solid position in the market of commercial properties, and being interested in consolidation and developement of business contacts in Central and Eastern Europe.

Gala will be preceded by the conference that comprises of 3 pannel discussions devoted to sustainable development buildings and the projections for property market. Both CEE Green Building Awards gala and the conference is not only the opportunity to make new contacts, but also to keep the existing business relationships in a nice atmosphere of a fiendly meeting.

CEE Green Building Awards categories:
•LEED for Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance - Silver, Gold, Platinum
•LEED Pre-certified for Shell & Core - Silver, Gold Platinum
•LEED Application In-Process
•BREEAM Post Construction Assessment - Good, Very Good, Excellent
•BREEAM Design Phase - Good, Very Good, Excellent
•BREEAM Pre-certified Developments - Good, Very Good, Excellent
•BREEAM Application In-Process
•EU GREENBUILDING Programme Certificate

Choice criterions (projects and buildings):
The following buildings can take part in the competition: offices, commercial centers, industrial spaces, hotels, and the projects from leisure department. Buildings may be completed, under construction, or even designed. However, they must be located in Central, or Eastern Europe.

„Green Companies of the Year” categories (chosen by the votes of independent jury):
•Architectural Firm of the Year
•Green Agency of the Year
•Green Bank of The Year
•Green Developer of the Year
•Investor of the Year
•Law firm of the Year
•Professional Service Provider of the Year
•Project Management Firm of the Year
•Property Management Company of the Year



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