Infrastructure of a modern server room


City : Warszawa
Place : Hotel Radisson Blu
Date : 27.06.2013
Hour : 09:30 - 14:00
Status : closed
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Date: June 27
Place: Radisson Blu Hotel, Plac Zawiszy 1, Warszawa

On June 27, we invite you to take part in a conference devoted to the latest and most effective solutions in the field of designing and maintaining a modern company's infrastructure.

Only here:
-you will get to know how to create a modern server room
-you will get to know the ways to modernize your server rooms
-you will get to know the way for safe flow of information and reliable infrastructure

The lectures will be given by:
- Mariusz Busiło, Law firm Chajec, Don-Siemion & Żyto
"A cloud is not equal to a cloud. How to recognize the most dangerous risks and survive (short survival guide)”

- Robert Kanigowski, Manager on IT Systems Architecture and Safety, Provident Poland S.A
"Data Center – inside, or outside? Case analysis on the example of the project done by Provident Poland S.A"

- Kamil Wąsowicz, Director on Exploitation of Applications, ZUS
Terra bites in public sector – trend, or real need?"

- Emil Konarzewski, Audytel
"Before you start – market, technological and finance conditionings of data center's building"

We invite people responsible for:
-storing and processing company's data
-gaining and maintaining technical infrastructure of a company
-managing data centers in a comp
people responsible for the choice, sale and maintaining of company's infrastructure
project managers
-technical departments directors
-IT, security departments managers

The participation for the groups mentioned above is FREE OF CHARGE
*Participation is payable for: the other groups, including the service providers, IT and technological representatives - 1000 PLN per person + 23% VAT*


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